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alle in Ibiza.



Sale and rental of professional sound.

A good sound is our maxim. We work with the most famous DJs and even they are surprised with our sound quality.


We organize your event, wedding or party in Ibiza.

We can plan your entire event be it a wedding, birthday or other kind of party. The Sound Ibiza does all the work.


Lighting for events, weddings and parties in Ibiza.

At The Sound we have everything you can imagine in lighting. Illumination of spaces for events, weddings and parties in Ibiza.


Refrigerators, freezers and bottles.

The Sound has refrigerators, freezers and bottles at your disposal. We also set up fully equipped portable bars.


Luxury catering your event in Ibiza.

We offer the best Sushi on the island. In addition we offer a catering of high standard in Thai and international food.


The safety of your event our maximum.

We have the best protection company in Ibiza -Prot Service C.B.-. Discrete, educated and depending on the client "invisible" or very visible.


The parking, the first thing they see your event.

A good event starts with a well-organized parking. It is the first thing that people do at a party, wedding or event so it is important that it be logical and safe.


The little ones will also have fun.

The Sound Ibiza offers a qualified and professional nanny so they can enjoy without worrying about the little ones.


Rental of bathrooms for events. Exclusive portable bathrooms.

Simple and economical to design and luxurious. We have a wide range of bathrooms for your event, wedding or party in Ibiza.


Location of places in Ibiza.

We look for and condition the location of your event, wedding or party in Ibiza to fit your needs and specifications.


Awnings and tents. A good shadow is everything.

If the event requires it we put at your disposal awnings and tents that will make the heat or rain more bearable.


Transport / travel to your event in Ibiza

To provide maximum comfort and safety to the guests, The Sound Ibiza will be responsible for transportation and travel.


Video of your event, wedding or party in Ibiza.

We make videos of events, weddings and parties so that the best memories are forever.


Professional photographers for weddings in Ibiza.

The best days deserve the best memories. Professional photographers will be in charge of immortalizing the best moments of your wedding, event or party in Ibiza.


Professional DJs, Real Djs

Do you need a DJ? No problem, The Sound Ibiza takes care of everything and we understand how important is the work of a real DJ.

Die beste...

mobile Toiletten für Veranstaltungen in Ibiza.

We present you our luxurious portable bathrooms, bathrooms that will make a difference in your events in Ibiza. These bathrooms are new, thought to adapt to any situation and we have immediate availability.

The bathroom for women consists of 3 toilets and a double sink, and the bathroom for men consists of 1 toilet and 3 urinarios.

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8 hours1850 €

This price includes the assembly and dismantling of the bathroom, 1 girl who will be in charge of the cleaning and maintaining in perfect conditions and all the toiletries that a man or a woman may need.

+1 hour80 €

For each extra hour you will be charged € 80.

Vorgestellte Produkte

Sven Vath.

"Seit 1998 arbeite ich mit The Sound auf Cocoon-Veranstaltungen mit The Sound Ibiza. Immer 100% professionell. The Sound Ibiza ist ohne Zweifel die Nr 1 in Ibiza."

Sven Vath, testimonio del trabajo de The Sound Ibiza

Richie Hawtin.

"Wenn ich eine Party bei mir zu Hause mache arbeite ich immer mit The Sound Ibiza. Sie organisieren alles perfekt."

Sven Vath, testimonio del trabajo de The Sound Ibiza

Everything in Ibiza


Hochzeit in Ibiza.

Jedes Jahr werden mehr als in Ibiza heiraten entscheiden, und wir haben das Glück, dass jedes Jahr zu Jahr immer mehr wählen uns Teil dieses wichtigen Tages zu sein, ein Tag, der das Beste aus ihrem Leben sein wird.



Restaurants und Catering für Ihre Hochzeit auf Ibiza.

In The Sound Ibiza bieten wir die besten Restaurants und Luxus-Catering-Service für Ihre Hochzeit auf Ibiza.


Fotografie und Video für Ihre Hochzeit auf Ibiza.

Am Tag Ihrer Hochzeit auf Ibiza verdient die bestmöglichen Erinnerungen und The Sound Ibiza die Bedeutung einer guten audiovisuellen Unterstützung verstehen.


Dekoration und Blumen für Ihre Hochzeit auf Ibiza.

Die besten Profis in Ibiza in der Dekoration und florale Elemente für Ihre Traumhochzeit wahr werden.


Der beste Sound für Ihre Hochzeit auf Ibiza.

In The Sound Ibiza haben wir erstellt und von Grund auf unsere eigenen professionellen Sound-System entwickelt und gewährleisten die beste Klangqualität, die Sie in Ibiza finden.


Wo ihre Hochzeit in Ibiza feiern?

Über 25 Jahre Erfahrung in Ibiza geben uns Wissen über Orte, um Ihre Traumhochzeit in Ibiza zu hosten.


Transport und Reise

Wir bieten ein sicheres und zuverlässiges System der Reise für Ihre Hochzeitsgäste . Sicherheit ist unsere höchste.