About us

From the beginning we have worked for and with the best in order to organize parties, events and weddings in Ibiza.

The Sound Ibiza, known as TSI, is a company with more than 25 years of experience in organizing all kinds of events in Ibiza: weddings, birthdays, meetings...

Our technical team has been focusing for a while, apart from the annual maintenance of rental equipment, on "tuning", that is to say the improvement of the loudspeakers that we use. And we have achieved extraordinary improvement of many of those, for brands like JBL, Martin Audio, Cerwin Vega, Mackie....

It was only a matter of time until we decided to fulfill our dream and build our own sound system. Placing a priority on creating something innovative and not just improving on what has been done before. We have combined the fibonacci sequence and knowledge of sacred geometry (flower of life), and our workshop experience. We must add that our skepticism about these esoteric influences was considerable, but we wanted to give it a go since the achievements of alternative medicine (acupuncture, homeopathy, etc.) and architecture (feng shui and the like) are undeniable. When we heard first the prototype in spring 2016, the result was revolutionary. The clarity was outstanding in the mid and high range and a firm pressure in the lows convinced us we were out to something.

Our system breaks the mold! The music is not only heard but felt. Anyone, like a person that is within reach of the equipment becomes a resonating body. This gives one the sensation that the music comes from within and that it not only reaches the eardrum from the outside. At relatively low volume, it produces a loud music sensation, this is beneficial in these times of restrictive legislations on sound pollution. Apart from
this, we have managed to create a system that, like in the field of high range and in the studio, does not need equalization since everything is reproduced in a flat form. Our product range currently consists of a subwoofer, a satellite, two amplifiers and a frequency processor. With these components the unheard of quality of reproduction is achieved. So, it is a pleasure to offer dates by appointment to listen and test our equipment and let us convince you. This sound system is addictive. Of course our product is also offered for rent so that you can try it yourself at your home.